The C in Authenti-C

Who’s Chris?


Dedicated therapist

My education is the foundation of years of experience with applied psychology and acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT). As a therapist I worked in a psychiatry and a private practice specialised in psychotherapy.

Enthousiastic yogi

My fascination for yoga and Eastern philosophy goes back years. To top it all off, I travelled to an Indian ashram in 2017. Here I fully immersed myself in meditation, yoga and yoga therapy and became a 500 hour certified yoga teacher. I taught classes in different countries all over the world. 

A real go getter

My name is Chris Vleeschouwers. My motto? ” Live life to its full potential!” To reach this I use enthusiasm and energy and I would like nothing more than to share this with you. Looking for a balanced life without sacrificing the joys and pleasures of it.