Pure me … Authenti-C

Here I am, with a big smile on my face enjoying the beach, a slight sea breeze hustles through my hair and I’m beaming. Life can be beautiful.

I wish this had always been the case. But unfortunately not. There were times I questioned everyone and everything, cried all the time and found no rest and peace whatsoever. The road leading me to where I’m now was long and difficult. But as said difficult roads often lead to beautiful places.

You might wonder what brought me here, on the beach of the beautiful Albufera nature reserve, starting every single morning with yoga while the sun illuminates my skin and the birds serenade me and the sea gives a soothing sound on the background…

An intense pain, a torture that in hindsight turned out to be my greatest gift. ‘Freedom and Authenticity’.

The flame went out for a while. And there I was, with my back against the wall. I wasn’t able to do anything, but I realised I couldn’t go on like this. My brain shut down. The only question in my head, running in repeat was ‘who am I and who are you kidding?’ MYSELF and no one else. This is my life but It doesn’t feel like it’s mine. There it was all of the sudden, my inner voice, calling me to STOP.

I’ve worked in a psychiatric facility for several years, with passion giving everything I had. Blooming and blossoming on the job striving for more, driven! But every now and then a question popped into my head ‘is this really what I want?’ ‘Is this it?’. To silence this inner voice I enrolled in a programme to become a therapist or I travelled some more. Kept challenging myself in different ways and with different things just to keep occupied. Because, how could it be that I was not satisfied with the life I had. Good job, nice colleague’s, a booming social life, nice studio in the city but still ‘NO’ this was not it!

I felt ashamed, like I had failed, dissatisfied. So many different emotions ran through my head and at the same time I felt nothing. Emptiness. ‘Brun-out’ was the verdict. What an understatement that was. I was experiencing a through identity crisis. Keeping up to what others expect and how everything should be. ‘Be the good girl’ a real ‘people pleaser’. And there I was, with my back against the wall not able to do anything. But what felt like the worst period of my life back than brought me to where I am right now. Close to myself and my own authentic I. Planning my own life as I please and doing the things I really want to do. It gave me the final push I needed to pursue my dreams and goals. I’ve waited for them a long time, and now the moment is finally here… PURE ME – Authenti-C. My own concept combining the Eastern philosophy of yoga with the Western knowledge of psychology and a lot of personal experience.

A star can’t shine without darkness. Our deepest lows often lead to our highest peaks.

Curious what Authenti-C can do for you?

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